Gestures in Windows 8

As Windows 8 is made for tablets in mind, Microsoft has implemented some gestures. As with anything else, when using Windows 8, these gestures becomes how you use the OS. You can also use most of these gestures, even if you don’t have a touch screen for your Windows 8.

Microsoft have implemented some global gestures, so that they can be accessed from anywhere in the OS, in both Metro and Desktop mode.

Gesture Mouse Action
Swipe from the left bezel Top left corner Show running apps (only Metro)
You can either click on the apps to activate or pick and drop to to a side of a wide screen (> 1366px in width) to snap it.
Swipe from right Bottom right corner Show Charms Bar
Swipe from top bezel to bottom bezel Move mouse to the top of the screen, click (when cursor turns into a hand) and pull down. Close app
Swipe down (Metro only) Right Click (Metro only) Application menu
Can also be used to access tile options on Start Screen

List of Windows 8 touch-based gestures
Windows 8 Metro – Touch Gestures

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