Flash on Karmic

When Karmic (Ubuntu 9.10) came out I installed it as my main OS, due to solvabe but time eating problems I decided to go back to Windows 7. The biggest problem I had was with Adobe Flash.

First problem was to get it installed on 64-bit OS. It took me over ten hours just to find out how to install Adobe Flash, and when I tried to download the package from Adob’s site, it was gone (A couple of days later I did find the official page for Flash on 64-bit Linux), then it took another two hours to find a package. When I finally got it installed then there were more problems.

It seemed like I was running a ripped of version of official flash. And with Compiz turned on, you couldn’teven click on the flash applet.

This problem with flash and some other small problems made me to switch back to Windows. It looks like Linux is not the Desktop OS for me, while I love it on server.

Here is a little script i found to get Adobe Flash on Karmic.

Just copy it into a text file and run it.

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