Windows 7 running on Eee B202

Now I have been using Windows 7 Pro RTM (Build 7600) for two weeks on a Asus EeeBox B202. I have been running Win7 on B202 since Beta (Build 7000), i was really surprised with the performance i got with Windows 7 virtualized under Windows XP on B202 (Intel Atom N270 1.6 GHz, which is worse then a early Intel P4 2.2 GHz), with only 512MB RAM. When i tried Vista RTM (Build 6000), it chocked while virtualized on XP on Intel P4 3.2 Ghz HT, with 1 GB RAM. I was truly amazed by the performance boost from Vista Microsoft has given Seven. The only thing i regret is N270 is not a 64-Bit processor, and my Asus EeePC 901 doesn’t have enough space on primary SSD (I might give vLite a chance).

Maybe it is time to test Win7 64Bit soon, as soon as i can get my hands on my other laptop.

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