Install Windows NT 6.x [Vista/2008/7]

Installing Windows NT 6.x from USB is almost as easy as installing from a DVD.

Just do:

  1. Copy all the files from DVD to USB root
  2. Open a command prompt windows (Administrator Mode)
  3. Goto X:\Boot (where x: is your USB drive)
  4. Run (again where x: is your USB drive)

When you boot your PC from USB, it will start loading Windows NT 6.x Installation.

One thought on “Install Windows NT 6.x [Vista/2008/7]

  1. One more thing… if you are trying to use a 64 bit ISO of windows 7 and you are creating the bootable USB from a 32 bit OS, bootsect won´t run on your 32 bit machine.

    1) get a copy of BOOTSECT for 32 bit HERE:

    and uncompress it to Windows/system32, then CD to that directory and use that version from C: instead of the one available at the 64 bit USB.

    Since the only purpose of bootsect is to make the USB bootable with the nt60 kernel, you can do it from 32 bits disregarding the files in the ISO are the 64bit version.

    It took me fucking 6 hours to find this workaround
    Hope it helps

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