Boot Windows PE 2/2.1/3

With Microsoft releasing Windows PE to general public, booting from USB has been child’s play, and a lot of system rescue tasks has been made easy. For instance you can install Windows NT 5.x (2000/XP/2003) without using any sophisticating tools. And installing Windows on a DVD/CD drive less (i.e. Asus Eee) PC couldn’t be easier.

How to create a bootable WinPE USB:

  1. Download Windows AIK for Windows 7 (Note: Download is roughly 2GB)
  2. Install Windows AIK (Installed size is roughly 1.5G)
  3. Start “Deployment Tools Command Prompt”
  4. Create a new directory on C root {C:\}
  5. Create a new WinPE:
  6. Make USB bootable: (replace {drive} with your USB driver letter, eg. F:)
  7. Copy content to USB: (replace {drive} with your USB driver letter, eg. F:)
  8. Boot you computer with USB (Note: You might need to allow USB booting in BIOS)

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