Laptop Touchpad 5-Buttons

On my desktop computer i have been using a 5 button mouse. On my laptop i felt a little handicapped not to be able to use all the buttons all the times. Now i have found a solution. As far as i know this only works with a Synaptics Touchpad, with Synaptics drivers and configurations tools installed.

  • Start -> Control Panel -> Mouse -> Device Settings
  • Select Synaptics Touchpad (PS/2) (If not available, you are out of luck)
  • Click on Settings
  • Click on Tapping in the Tree, and then enable tapping (if already not)
  • Click plus sign besides Tapping
  • Click plus sign besides Tap Zones
  • Then click on the desired zone you want to configure.
  • Select the function on the zones. (You can also modify the size of tapping zones)

Click Apply, OK (Settings Dialog), OK (Mouse Dialog)

Now you can have a 2+ buttons on a touch pad.

Here is how i have:

  • TL: Back (Button 4)
  • TR: Forward (Button 5)
  • BL: Right Click (Secondary Click)
  • BR: Middle Click

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